A Better Way to Junk your Car in 2014

Is your car failing to meet your standards because of repairs that are beyond your price range?  Some people may think that they need to begin a massive search for affordable parts and someone who will do the labor for a low cost.  This solution fails to meet your expectations so you now are wondering what to do next.  You may then think that you are just going to have to take your car to a junk yard and lose your car forever, without any money given to you.  Taking your car to a scrap yard is an experience that is not profitable to your and can be very depressing.  Well, there is some good news for you!  There may be a better option out there for you.  You could junk your car to take the hassle of repairing your vehicle away from you.  Click this url http://www.cameltowingmn.com/

Camel Towing MN will take your car to the junk yard for you.  This includes no charge for you to have us take your junk car.  The thing is this process is a way better solution because you get paid for doing it.  So, your car is still going to a junk yard but instead of it just getting smashed and you getting nothing for it.  We give you cash on the spot for choosing to junk your car with us.  The best thing about it is that you will actually get money instead of you paying us.  Yes, there is some paperwork but it will be a short amount to process.

Visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cash_for_cars for some tips

There is not an easier option out there for you besides junking your car with us.  The price you get from us depends on a few criteria that we follow.  You will be given a quote at the time of arrival but then have an option to reject or take that offer.   There is also leeway for negotiation if appropriate.  The next step that you need to follow to make this process successful, that is to contact us to imagine how the entire process will play out.  There are several ways you can contact us to find the most convenient method of removal for you.  Call, text, or email us to get more information.  One thing to note is that we come to you and take care of nearly everything for you.

Now, think back to the moment you discovered your car was no longer worth repairing.  Think no further because the best option for you is waiting right at your fingertips. Visit Camel Towing MN for help on taking that junk car out of your misery.


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Cash for junk cars

Have you ever wondered what the benefits of junking your car are?  Well, let me tell you that it is a good source to make some pocket money.  If anyone has a car that is just sitting around your yard but has no function, this is wasting space in your yard that could be used for something else.  It would make sense if people in cases like this would junk out their cars for cash by selling it to the junk car company.  Not only can you make some extra money but you do not need to pay to have it removed from your possession.  This means you get a free tow plus cash in your pocket.

Camel Towing

The car owner has no responsibilities to commit to after contacting Camel Towing.  The price you are quoted for your junk car will be based on its condition which will be evaluated by the owner of the car and the company.  There is a protocol that will be followed to assess its condition and value.  The condition of the car is evaluated by both external and internal condition.  If the car is running and or repairable, you will likely get the most money out of your vehicle.  Secondly, trucks or SUVs are larger vehicles and typically worth much more than a car.  Just like anything else, the better the condition the more money you will receive for your car.  It may be worth it to fix minor things on your car to get your highest value out of it.  Have no worries, though, if you do not want to put any more time or money into your car.  We will still buy it from you!  Having knowledge about your different options it is up to you to decide what is best for your junk car.  Contact a real junk yard that buy cars.

Why Scrap Your Car For Cash

We can begin by asking the most important question; why do we need vehicle junking in the state of Minnesota? There is one answer to this, there is less space being taken up by the cars sitting around not running. However, the next question is why we junk, shred or scrap cars?  The reason is that recycling cars helps clean up our environment.  Camel Towing specializes in legal junk car removal and are fully licensed.

Everything is arranged by us to dispose of your vehicle in the Minneapolis and St. Cloud areas.   This process is completed in the most environmentally safe procedures.  We ensure that there will be no harm to the cars surroundings upon removal.  Do you have any scrap cars in your possession that need to be removed?  Feel free to contact us today and that old scrap car can be taken out of your hands right away.  Your only responsibility is to call, text or email us! On a daily basis we buy scrap cars so let us take care of it for you and put some cash in your pockets. Get your cash to at Camel Towing

How to make money with your junker car

Cameltowingmn the best junker in the Minneapolis and st. cloud area

Camel towing mn the best junker in the Minneapolis and st. cloud area

Many opportunities exist when you are trying to make money off of your junk cars.  Our method gives you the highest value for your junk.  These are ways that you can use to get cash for that junk car of yours.  This is a quick and easy way which will pay you more than other methods.  The only thing you  need to do is place a call to sell a junker Minneapolis and we will take car of you. You may also check out testimonials from clients about “how I sold my car.” 

Inform us a little bit about your car and we will make you an offer.  If you have an idea about the parts of your car you will get a more accurate estimate. The next step is to give us your location so that we can come to you!  The rest of the process is quick and hassle free.  A key factor to remember is to have your car title handy at all times. Find out how much your junker is worth by clicking here.